Badger spotted out in the hills past Carmi in Penticton

Rare badger spotted in hills

It's a rare sight to see a badger in the Okanagan, with the endangered species' population numbers being so low, but one Penticton resident managed to come by one when out in the Okanagan highlands past Carmi.

Richard Key was sitting in his car when a badger came down along the service road.

“I was just unloading a dirt bike to go biking and it was during the heatwave, with the fire and the smoke, so there was really no one up there those days,” he explained.

“I was just having some lunch in the car and a badger went trotting by, didn't even pay me any attention. All I could do was just snap off a few photos. I figured if I started moving around and getting a video going, it might alarm him or her so I kind of just took four photos.”

Key added that while he’s used to seeing many animals while he’s out in the backcountry, he was very surprised to have seen a badger.

“It took me five minutes to go ‘Did that just happen?’ Because I think these are uncommon here. So it was kind of a nice treat to see that," he said.

“I don't think I've ever seen one in my life besides the one they have down in the museum stuffed.”

The Osoyoos Desert Centre spotted a badger on their property for the first time in 15 years back in 2020.

Badgers are teetering on the edge of extinction in BC, with only an estimated 300 in the entire province in 2020 and just 30 individuals in the Okanagan.

The badger looked to be around 10 to 12 inches long and Key wasn’t sure if it was full grown or not.

“It was a privilege that it walked right by me and I just don't know what to expect next. I hope I don't run into a grizzly!”

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