Osoyoos Food Bank utilizing food recovery from local businesses and farms to make use of 'ugly but edible food'

Using 'ugly but edible' food

The Osoyoos Food Bank is utilizing a program that helps organizations waste less and feed more people, by running food recovery from local businesses and farms.

The Food Mesh program operates twice per week in the area, on Tuesday and Thursdays, when the volunteers pick up imperfect food that can still be used. Items include day-old bread, dairy, meat and canned items that are past the best-before date, but still considered edible.

In a presentation to the Rotary Club earlier this month, Pastor Phil Johnson gave an update on the Food Bank and Food Mesh program the Osoyoos Baptist Church operates.

In the two and half months since launching, 10 tons of food has been saved and given away. With 8,900 kilograms of food collected, 98 per cent went to people in need and two per cent to farmers to feed animals.

The fresh produce is also being used by the Desert Counselling Community Kitchen program to provide nutritious home cooked meals.

Johnson added that the number of hampers required for the Food Bank program dropped by 30 per cent this year. Last July, 40 hampers were given out, while this this year saw only 27. He speculated that people are collecting government financial assistance due to the pandemic so the help is not as frequently required.

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