Proposed apartments on sprawling Penticton property shot down for second time by city council

No 2nd go for apartments

A vision for apartments at the sprawling Green Avenue West property formerly owned by the late David Kampe is not getting a second chance at courting public opinion.

The new proposal, brought to Penticton council on Tuesday, showed a planned six-storey building on Green Avenue reduced to four storeys, and the total number of units reduced from 151 to 130 units.

Staff recommended a second public hearing on the matter on Aug. 16 to gauge community interest in the changes.

"I still believe it's too large for the area," Vassilaki said, adding he has concerns that since developer Broadstreet Properties plans to charge a fee for the parking spots in their complex, potential renters or owners would just park for free in the nearby residential neighbourhood on the street, a major concern brought up by some at the first public meeting.

Couns. Katie Robinson and James Miller and Frank Regehr were also vocally opposed.

Coun. Bloomfield spoke up to try and sway some favour.

"If not here, then where?" said Coun. Julius Bloomfield.

"If we're not going to allow development like this in Penticton because of some reactions from residents, then how do we deal with the affordability of housing? That's a questions we have to ask ourselves."

But the motion to send the matter to public hearing ultimately failed, and a subsequent vote passed to close the matter officially.

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