Summerland considering funding trail improvements with land sale

Restoration for park lands?

After the Summerland district council voted yes to preliminary steps of selling a small strip of public land adjacent to Okanagan Lake in Trout Creek to five private homeowners, one of the councillors is hoping to see that money go to good use for the area.

Coun. Erin Trainer will be proposing Monday to take the net revenue from the sale of land and use it for trail improvements.

The Landry Crescent portion would be dedicated to the restoration of the land in the area zoned and dedicated as ‘Park’, including restoration and repair to the James & Mary Gartrell Trail.

A doggie bag dispenser and garbage can would be installed, along with wayfinding signs with the Syil’x place name and “James and Mary Gartrell Trail '' at the entrances of the trail.

In the 2021 budget, Council directed $40,000 for repairs to the James & Mary Gartrell trail in an area that had been damaged with high lake levels over the past few years.

As Council recently disposed of a strip of land to four of the property owners along Landry Crescent adjacent to the trail for a sum of $104,000, the proposed resolution is intended to ensure the funds directly benefit the trail which is in need of repairs.

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