Penticton couple warns of 'aggressive' deer in Dauphin Avenue area after wife is charged at multiple times

'Terrified' by deer attack

A Penticton resident is hoping to get the word out about a deer who he says attacked his wife and their dog out for a walk on Wednesday, warning others to be extra careful around the doe.

“It started off with a call from my wife that basically just said that she got charged when she was walking along Dauphin Avenue with the dog, and she was on her way, walking back home. She was just telling me, she's like, wow, the deer are very aggressive. And there was one charging almost, we had to scare off,” Tony Penkoff explained.

“And then all of a sudden, she was screaming and screaming on the phone. And I was terrified. I thought the deer was killing her.”

Penkoff explained that he raced home to help out his wife to try to scare off the deer. The deer stayed around their area and tried to charge the couple when they left their house again.

"It was like something like out of a movie because you know, it was hiding around the corner of the fence in the front yard. I would go out there and it was fine to me because I'm a pretty big guy, but my wife is just a small woman. And as soon as she stepped out the deers noticed her and started running towards her again.”

The couple called the BC Conservation Office Service to report the incident.

“I'm just hoping that conservation will do something about it because I have a feeling we're going to have to carry around bear spray just to protect yourself because this deer was very aggressive. It fully pummelled our dog in front of my wife and pinned her against the fence. So it was quite dramatic.”

Now, Penkoff’s wife is nervous leaving the home and heading through the front yard, after being charged at multiple times.

Sgt. James Zucchelli, a conservation officer in the South Okanagan, previously warned about a potentially aggressive doe deer in the area, after it attacked and hospitalized an elderly man on Friday.

Conservation explains every spring that does can act dangerously and charge at people. as they are trying to protect their fawns.

Residents are urged to be "super cautious and super aware," avoiding areas where deer have been spotted recently. If you come across a mom, give her as much space as possible.

"If they're paying attention to you, and you can see them, give them 50, 70, 100 yards. A wide berth is the best advice. Avoid them altogether, because they can be triggered to run long distances if they perceive that you were a threat to their fawn,” Zucchelli told Castanet.

“They'll run across a football field to try and protect their fawns.”

Residents are also encouraged to leave fawns alone, even if spotted in an area without their mom.

The City of Penticton issued an announcement on Friday afternoon warning of reports of an aggressive deer around the Atkinson Street and Okanagan Avenue area.

“There's a deer out there and it's behaving dangerously, I just don't want anybody else hurt from this deer that's charging people out in the streets,” Penkoff added.

To report a conflict or concern with wildlife, contact the Conservation Officer Service through the (RAPP) line 1-877-952-7277.

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