Okanagan Falls photographer captures stunning video of sunset

Golden sunset time-lapse

Contributed Andy Morrissey

A local photographer captured the golden sunset hovering over Okanagan Falls on Tuesday night, filming the sky's colour change for over half an hour and condensing it into a time-lapse.

“I'm often in awe of the sunsets around here. It's just that we get so many we tend to forget and compressing it into a shorter time period emphasizes how beautifully the sunset is,” Andy Morrissey said.

“I've taken quite a few over the past few weeks and sometimes they're not that good. But as I see, once it gets compressed, you can really get surprised how dramatic it can look.”

Morrissey set up his DJI OSMO II Gimbal and Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone to take over 900 images up on Peachcliff Drive.

“It's perfect for this type of time-lapse, because as soon as you take the time lapse photographs, and it also moves your camera from side to side and up and down, taking it so not only you get a time lapse, you get a motion time lapse, because the camera slowly moves as the time lapse takes place,” he explained.

The photographer encouraged others to try out time-lapse on their own phones to capture a stunning video for themselves.

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