'Have you no response?': Penticton Catholic parish left a message in light of Kamloops residential school mass grave discovery

Catholic parish sign defaced

The headquarters of the Catholic Parishes of Penticton was left with a message of protest overnight, draped over their sign in front of St. Ann's Parish and Holy Cross School.

A sheet spray-painted in bright orange letters — orange being the colour associated with raising awareness about the residential school system in Canada, and most recently tied specifically to honouring and mourning the mass grave of 215 children discovered at the Kamloops residential school last week — was spotted covering the Penticton sign on Main Street early Tuesday morning.

"Have you no response?????" read one side, ostensibly referring to the discovery in Kamloops.

"Your assets should be seized," read the other side.

The Kamloops school was run under the administration of the Catholic Church from 1890 to 1969, then by the federal government as a day school until 1978. It housed Indigenous children taken by force from their parents, forbidden to speak their native language and subjected to many atrocities.

Castanet has reached out to the Catholic Parishes of Penticton for comment.

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