Penticton Herald managing editor announces his candidacy for city council in the upcoming by-election

Editor joining council race

The managing editor of the Penticton Herald is throwing his hat into the by-election ring, running to replace retired Penticton city councillor Jake Kimberley this June.

James Miller announced his candidacy for City Council on Tuesday, including a five-minute video that was posted online to his Facebook page, where Miller briefly outlines his platform and the reasons why he's running in the by-election.

Miller believes he and the Herald will be be able to manage the conflict related to having a managing editor of a newspaper sit on a council covered by his direct subordinate.

He says his years of covering council as a journalist are transferrable experience.

"I've never been afraid to ask the hard questions and to stand up for my community, especially our youth and seniors," Miller said in the press release. "I will go from asking the hard questions to providing the public with good answers as a city councillor if elected on June 19."

Miller added that his knowledge of municipal issues with the past four city councils would make him an asset on city council.

“I've been critical of City Council many times in the past, however I believe that our current Mayor and council are doing a good job in very difficult circumstances,” Miller said in his campaign video.

Miller, 55, has been the managing editor of The Penticton Herald since 2008, minus a two-and-a-half year tenure in Kelowna as managing editor and director of content for the Kelowna Daily Courier and valley editor of Okanagan Newspaper Group.

Should he be elected, Miller says he will not write or editorialize on any council business, leaving that up to other journalists. His writing will focus on area outside of municipal politics. The release stated that all Herald coverage of the by-election has been outsourced to independent freelance journalists.

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