A small boat sank rapidly on Okanagan Lake Friday afternoon, causing passengers to abandon ship and swim to shore

Boat sinks, passengers flee

Penticton Fire Department marine rescue crews responded to a call of four people in apparent distress in a yellow boat close to shore on Okanagan Lake late Friday afternoon.

Castanet's Casey Richardson was on scene to speak to the owner of the boat Dave Thomas, who had swum to land.

Thomas said he was making a turn when suddenly the back end of his boat was underwater, and rapidly began flooding with water pouring on board.

He and his three companions decided to abandon ship and swim to safety. A bystander spotted them and called 911, and marine rescue crews were there almost immediately.

Thomas said his companions were all wearing lifejackets, though he was not.

"Luckily I'm a good swimmer!"

All four people on the boat were unharmed.

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