South Okanagan-West Kootenay MP Richard Cannings weighs in on newly-unveiled federal budget

Cannings on federal budget

South Okanagan-West Kootenay Member of Parliament Richard Cannings has weighed in on the federal budget unveiled by the Liberal government Monday in Ottawa.

Richard Cannings, NDP, said he is disappointed that the budget did not go far enough to tax the wealthiest Canadians to help with the pandemic economic recovery.

"Instead, everyday Canadians have been left holding the bag while the Liberals are letting the top one-percent dodge their share. This budget has no wealth tax, no excess profit tax, and consultation instead of action on tax havens reform. The Liberals say the right things about progressive policy and substantive change, but then revert to protecting the interests of wealthy Canadians," Cannings said in a media release.

Positives included the inclusion of $10/day childcare in the budget, and changes to disaster relief programs that will allow smaller programs between one and 20 million dollars to apply for funding, though he noted with regret that unfortunately it came too late for the Town of Oliver's costly canal fix.

He was also pleased that NDP pressure to provide support following the end of the excise exemption was addressed, resulting in $101 million over two years beginning in 2022.

But in his capacity as NDP Critic for Natural Resources, Cannings was disappointed with billions earmarked for a pipeline and fossil fuel subsidies, and using loans rather than grants for low-income home energy retrofits.

Cannings was proud overall, sharing his opinion that his NDP party played a key role in pushing the Liberal government on issues that matter to the party and the constituents that elected him.

"We will keep fighting to make the ultra-rich pay their fair share so we can deliver universal public pharmacare, dental care and take the profit out of the long-term care sector," Cannings said.

"The last year has proven that when Canadians send New Democrats to Ottawa, we may not get credit, but we get results."

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