Penticton manufacturing production grows as more people spend time in backyards

Boom in backyard building

Casey Richardson

“Community Cornerstones,” is a series highlighting different longstanding local businesses in Penticton.

A Penticton manufacturing company that has been around for over 12 years prides itself on its easy-to-build and quality cedar backyard kits, constructing everything from sheds to garden boxes to pergolas and gazebos.

Outdoor Living Manufacturing became a member of the Waldun Group, which was established in 1974, soon after.

“The company has grown quite dramatically in the past couple of years. We grew at a fairly steady basis for the first five years, at about a 10-15 per cent annual growth rate,” Grant Daum, the GM for Outdoor Living Manufacturing said.

The last couple years, that growth really took off for the company.

“We’ve grown from about 2 million in garden sheds to about $20 or $25 million in garden sheds in the last ten years.”

Outdoor living has 65 employees in Penticton and 6 acres of space, including 80,000 square feet of operating and lumber processing facilities.

“I think that the general community in Penticton probably doesn't have much of an idea we operate down in this part of penticton. I still meet people who are quite astonished at the size of our company and what we are doing here,” Daum explained. Their office in Vancouver holds 15 other employees.

“Some of that's to do with a lot of sales not being targeted to the Penticton area.”

But the company is glad to be apart of the community and hopes to continue operating in Penticton for years to come.

The COVID-19 pandemic gave a boost for orders and interest for the company too, seeing huge growth sales in backyard projects with people staying put.

Daum said that while there’s been challenges with running operations needing to comply with the new safety protocols and social distancing, “Overall COVID has been something that's been really advantageous to us.”

The company is constantly innovating new technology on their own time too, to make the wood manufacturing process faster.

“We produce a really good quality where we constantly get great feedback on...Because of the type of the things we produce, people seem to enjoy it in their backyard and have a long lasting effect on their life which is exciting to be a part of.”

For more information on Outdoor Living and its products, visit their website here.

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