Local starts volunteer-based delivery service to help out Penticton restaurants

Locals volunteering delivery

A Penticton businessman has started an initiative to rally behind restaurants needing help after the province’s most recent announcement, creating a Facebook group where people can volunteer to deliver food.

“I basically launched the idea 48 hours ago just to try to rally the community and do something that I could feel like I could be helping a few people,” Chris Bouchard said.

Bouchard felt restaurants have had it incredibly tough this past year, especially now with another hard blow cutting indoor dining.

Hoping to help local restaurants and eaters break away from main delivery apps during the new measures, the group seeks to connect restaurants with people willing to volunteer to deliver food – keeping money in restaurants pockets.

“My intention was to try to just create a classifieds ad kinda thing where people could volunteer their time and restaurants could ask for help,” he explained. “I've had a couple of restaurants just reach out and express gratitude, we haven't delivered any food for anybody yet but we're ready to go whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

So far, the group has around 80 members and roughly 10 people have signed up saying they are ready to deliver.

Restaurants simply need to post on the page if they need help and what night they are in need of a volunteer, to which drivers can then let them know they are available.

“If people want to get involved, jump onto the Facebook page with what you need or what you have to offer and we'll get through this together,” Bouchard added.

Visit the Facebook group page “Support Penticton Restaurants 2021 – Volunteer delivery drivers” for more information.

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