Penticton recovery centre at risk for closure after IH pulls funding

Recovery centre in danger

A charitable organization that has been working to help those dealing with addiction recovery for decades is facing possible closure, following a notice from Interior Health (IH) stating they’re cancelling their contract.

Pathways Addiction Resource Centre announced on Tuesday that IH was "repatriating" the three addictions contracts, putting their organization at risk for closing.

Since funding from IH makes up around 95 per cent of the organization’s budget, the future is uncertain on how they will remain open, although they are "determined" to find a way.

According to executive director Daryl Meyers, IH is moving all of their addiction services in-house to establish a "single point of access" and assistance in developing team-based care with their clinicians as of May 31.

The release stated that IH said this was not a result of the services pathways provided.

Pathways will be working to prepare clients to transition to IH care and will continue to look after their clients and the treatment plan until then.

Over 1,000 clients a year are looked after by Pathways Services, and the organization noted their concerns about how this transition process is going to take place.

“Every single client who comes through our doors is in an extremely vulnerable situation and being able to provide timely service at a community level is key,” their letter states.

Pathways added that overdose deaths are of high concern for everyone in the community, but that makes up a small number of the people coming through their doors, noting those struggling with alcohol abuse are still the highest number that comes in.

“Our wish is to continue to serve the community and are working on some initiatives and alternative funding sources to hopefully make this happen.”

For now, Pathways will be working with IH on a transition plan.

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