Summerland and Osoyoos residents asking for more pickleball courts in their communities

More pickleball courts

Both the District of Summerland and Osoyoos Town council will be reviewing requests from residents in their upcoming meetings asking for more pickleball courts.

As Summerland council reviews the 2021-2025 financial plan bylaw on Monday, they will be receiving 24 written submissions, with 22 of those submissions supporting Council’s commitment to add pickleball courts at Peach Orchard Campground in 2021.

Many members of the Summerland Pickleball Club sent in letters explaining the importance of the upgrades for the community.

“Please support the resurfacing/court expansion at Peach Orchard. This very cost-effective expansion will allow the Summerland Pickleball Club to offer more Fundraising Tournaments, Programs and Drop-in play to not only Club members but every Pickleball player in the community,” a letter from one resident reads.

“Mayor and Council, Please make 2021 a priority for the health and wellness of a large group of seniors in Summerland. For many, pickleball is their social connection, where they meet friends, where they get exercise and have enjoyment,” adds another.

“As we age we still need somewhere to keep fit and socialize. With only two courts in Summerland playing time is limited. To add 4 more courts would be a big help. With a total of 6 courts, that would allow us to put on tournaments, which would also bring tourists and competitors to Summerland increasing the economy,” reads another email of full support.

For the Osoyoos players, a delegation from the Osoyoos Pickleball Association will be speaking at Tuesday’s meeting on their plan to build a dedicated Indoor Pickleball Facility.

“This is an exciting development and we will be over the top if our three asks of the Town Council are positively affirmed. The two buildings will be built in a more timely manner if Town Councillors decide to support/champion our proposal,” the letter to council reads.

The group added that will also attempt to create opportunities for all who desire to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony in person or virtually if the building is completed.

“The South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce has been sending us links to grants that are outside the usual sources. Businesses are attempting to assist in an economic recovery. We will apply for any/all applicable grants as they become available. Two grants have been applied for to date,” it reads, adding that more will be applied for shortly.

A short presentation with a slide show, building concept animation and projected costs and benefits will be made to the Osoyoos town council on Tuesday.

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