Okanagan resident has never seen so many eagles in one place

Huge number of eagles

Casey Richardson

“I've never seen that many together.”

One Okanagan resident was shocked to see over 30 eagles hanging out around the north end of Osoyoos Lake on Friday, more than he has ever seen in one area.

“I've lived in the Okanagan my whole life and anytime I see one eagle flying, I'm pretty stoked on it,” Shea Shillitto said.

Shillitto was travelling back from work down in Osoyoos when he spotted a large flock of birds on the lake.

“I actually thought it was a bunch of Canadian geese that were kind of congregating on the ice, but then I noticed that was a bunch of birds flying and I saw a bunch of whiteheads. And I was like ‘Oh my god, there are a bunch of eagles out there.’”

Then as he moved closer, Shillitto really got to see how many of the eagles were in the area.

“You could tell they were all Eagles,” he added. “You can see in some of the footage there are packs of almost these small blackbirds that are floating in the water and the eagles are taking turns diving in and out at them and then when I started panning around, you could see a bunch of eagles on the other side of the lake.”

"There was 30-plus."

As Shillitto moved along, he spotted another large group of young eagles in the trees.

“They were all watching and learning, waiting their turn."

While Shillitto doesn’t know why such a large group had shown up there, he felt 'it was kind of neat to see.'

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