Penticton councillor and former mayor Jake Kimberley has resigned from council, triggering a by-election

Jake Kimberley resigns

After six months of leave to recover from a stroke, Penticton city councillor Jake Kimberley is formally resigning from his seat, triggering the need for a by-election.

“I wish to announce my resignation from Penticton city council, effective February 1, 2021,” Kimberley said in a press release.

“A stroke on July 1, 2020 left me hospitalized and in rehabilitation until Oct. 9. Though both my physical and speech recovery has progressed steadily over the last seven months and we had been working toward a graduated return to council duties, I am not yet at a level which will enable me to fully perform duties as a councillor for the City of Penticton. There is a long list of people to thank for their support and mentorship through my 35-year career in municipal politics. Most importantly though, I would like to thank the residents of Penticton.”

Kimberley previously served as mayor three times over 30 years, coming out of retirement to make a successful run for council in 2018.

“Jake’s interest and positive contributions towards local politics in our community has been a repeating source of great assurance for many Penticton residents who have consistently and avidly given him their vote over a period of public life spanning some 35 years," said current Mayor John Vassilaki.

"On behalf of city council and all present and past residents of Penticton, I extend a heartfelt thank you to Jake for his service to our community and wish him continued success with his recovery.”

Pentictonites will head to the polls to fill Kimberley's seat on an as-yet undecided date in June, though the rules require it to be on a Saturday and preference is leaning toward earlier in the month.

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