The District of Summerland applying for funds to fix Lakeshore Drive

Lakeshore Drive repairs

Casey Richardson

The District of Summerland is finally looking for funding to repair a section of Lakeshore Drive near Crescent beach that was damaged in 2017 floods.

Council voted Monday to seek an Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program — COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream grant. The estimated $485,000 fix will be 100 per cent funded, but that money would need to be spent by the end of 2021 under the rules of the program and the district would need to be prepared to pay for any cost overruns.

In 2017, flooding caused erosion on section of the road shoulder and concrete barriers that were damaged along Lakeshore Drive. The 200-meter stretch is located about 500 meters south of Crescent Beach. 

"With it being the only link to Crescent beach, as well as the corridor for the sewer force main that comes and serves from Crescent beach, it's some critical infrastructure that we need to ensure is protected from any future disaster or climate change," Kris Johnson, the Director of Works & Infrastructure for Summerland said at Monday's meeting. 

While council discussed through 11 possible projects to submit forward on Monday, Lakeshore drive was suggested by staff as it meets all of the eligibility criteria.

"It's also at the tow of the bluffs that head out to Crescent Beach, so we'd be looking to protect any damage to that road," Johnson added.

The work would address damage and reinforce the shoreline against future wind and water events.

"Eroded sections of the road shoulder have not been repaired, and the concrete road barriers are not properly supported around the road bend. Damaged sections of asphalt have not been repaired or replaced," reads a staff report. 

The vote to apply for the grant was passed by district council, with only Coun. Doug Holmes opposed.

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