New online gallery features painting renditions of internet memes

Turning memes into fine art

An online meme-themed art exhibition by various Okanagan and international artists launched on Friday at noon, sharing their fine art interpretations to 'send 2020 on its way with a laugh.'

Penticton artist Ariane Kamps, created the "Fine Memes" collection of artistically rendered memes, wanting to celebrate the internet meme and the permanent way in which it has impacted us. 

“I think that it is because we're in such a weird time and people really hold onto every little bit of joy that comes their way and this is kind of a way to see those funny memes that make them smile, it's not something that's meaningless...It's fine to find meaning in a joke,” she said.

The online show is free to view for everyone. 

“I figured I wanted to create a show that I would want to see,” Kamps said. “All these artists are kind of remote and local friends of mine, a couple of them I just liked their work and asked them 'Hey would you be interested in doing this?'”

All proceeds go directly to the artists, although some artists have chosen to donate proceeds from their sales to local charities. Just originals for the work are available for sale at this point.

“This is just a fun way to use their artwork and hopefully sell a little original to help them out.” 

The exhibition features small, easy-to-ship pieces that Kamps said make great gifts, a way to share a laugh with loved ones just in time for the holidays.

"Fine Memes" gallery has launched on Ariane's website

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