Penticton teen raising money for ALS by selling Purdy's Chocolates

Chocolates for good cause

After working through the spring to provide over 500 surgical caps for frontline workers with her family, one Penticton teenager is now trying to raise funds for the ALS Society of BC. 

“I am doing a fundraiser through Purdys to raise money for the ALS society of BC. My dad was diagnosed with ALS about three years ago so I just wanted to help out,” Annie Harries said. 

A cause that’s close to her, Harries is collecting Purdys Chocolatier Christmas orders through a fundraising page. From there, Purdy's will be giving back 25 per cent of the sales to them for the ALS Society.  

“I actually have eight siblings, so they’ve been helping pitch in to get customers. I actually created a competition between my siblings about whoever sells the most, I’m getting them a prize.”

So far, she has sold $1500 worth of chocolate but her goal is to reach $10,000. 

“The reason I wanted to do $10,000 is because I would get an additional rebate that would come back to the ALS Society.”

But Harries aims to raise as much money as she can for the ALS Society of BC,  

“It is very near and dear to my heart.” she added. “I think they’re doing good work helping families affected by ALS and also trying to find a cure. I mean that would be amazing if they could do that, so we just love to help them.” 

All the orders have to be in by the Nov. 25 and then will be distributed before Christmas. Interested parties can put in orders on the Purdy’s chocolate website after making an account. 

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