Seniors care home not allowing in kids to maintain safety

No trick or treaters visiting

Prairie Valley Lodge in Summerland usually has over 300 kids come trick or treating through their senior care centre, but this year won’t be bringing in the costumed kids. 

“It is usually a highlight of our year, where the children enter our home to show off their costumes, and our delighted residents take great pleasure in handing out candy. But, as we are all aware 2020 is different,” their Facebook post read, announcing they won’t be participating. 

“We are actually well known in the community for putting on a pretty big halloween show because we let people into the facility, they walk around and we have the resident circled handing out candy,” Naomi Burt, one of the operators for the care home said. 

“It’s a bonus for the kids because they get additional candy and it's awesome for our residents because it's good engagement.”

But the residency is asking for families to just come by and wave from the driveway this year, showing off their costumes. 

“We’re gonna line our residents up in front of the windows.”

The centre isn't losing its Halloween spirit however. There will still be celebrations for their residents, with spooky decorations, hot chocolate and cookie making while playing halloween videos. 

“We're still going to provide entertainment for them,” Burt said.” For them it's about that immediate entertainment and what's going on in the moment...so they won’t necessarily know what they’re missing out on.” 

Since the care home is in a high traffic area, it will give seniors plenty of costume watching to see on the streets.  Burt added that when speaking with the neighbours, it looks like most families are still planning to go out trick or treating. 

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