Third quarter stats for Penticton RCMP show a reduction in property crime

Decrease in property crime

The Penticton South Okanagan Similkameen Regional RCMP Detachment is showing a decrease across almost all of its crime areas, derived from a report on its third quarter statistics for 2020 in Penticton. 

Total reported crime events in the municipality for the period came in at  2,054, which is down 15 per cent from last year's report of 2,405. The change is driven largely by the decrease in property crime, according to the report, which saw a 29 per cent decrease, from 1,561 last year to 1,152 in 2020.

Superintendent Brian Hunter wrote in the report that “There have been several search warrants executed and arrests of chronic offenders, including known drug dealers, during this reporting period. Recidivism in the community remains a problem.”

The only area that saw an increase from the same reporting period in 2019 to this year was violent crimes, specifically assault (common & with weapon/causing bodily harm). The change rose by 17 per cent, with 126 calls in 2019 and 147 in 2020. Violent Crime in total was raised by four per cent, with 266 in 2019 and 276 in 2020. 

Auto Theft saw the most significant change, with 127 call placed in 2019 to only 47 call placed in 2020, down 63 per cent in comparison. 

Overall, 4723 calls for service were received by the Penticton Detachment during this reporting period, down 13 per cent to last year’s 5412. 

Policing priorities in the area remain focused on crime reduction, working with community operations to lower drug and property crimes. Traffic and road safety, family and sexual violence issues, and employee wellness. 

These reports and decisions will be presented and discussed with the council on Tuesday. 

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