Meet your candidate: Keith MacIntyre for Penticton

Meet your Libertarian

Casey Richardson

Castanet Penticton is conducting a brief "Meet your Candidate" interview with each of the four Penticton riding MLA candidates. Watch for one each morning leading up to the Herald all-candidates forum on Tuesday Oct. 13, live streamed on Castanet. 

Libertarian candidate Keith MacIntyre joined the campaign trail after finding a political party that actually fit what he wanted to see done with government. 

“It’s always the arguing of the right wing or the left wing, and I don’t really resonate with any of these parties,” MacIntyre said. “When I found  the Libertarian party it’s all about lower taxes, less government and more personal freedom, and I think that’s what everybody wants.”

MacIntyre has been living in Penticton for the past ten years, currently owns a software company and has two teenage boys in high school. 

“I’ve been described as genuine, I’m not doing this for ego, I'm not doing this because I want to be a career politician.”

He hopes that if elected, he would be able to get a significant amount done in one or two terms that would change government. 

“I have businesses to run and two boys to raise, I'm doing this because I feel very strongly that now is that time that we need an independent voice in the legislature that isn’t driven by big parties.” 

As a first time politician, MacIntyre thinks that works for him since he’s not involved with the major political parties. 

“I have a vast amount of community knowledge through my software company,” he said. “I’ve been very active in the community at the municipal level.”  

One of the main issues MacIntyre wants to see addressed is reopening the city of Penticton for business. 

“I think we really need to open up our business and stop spreading the fear,” he said. “We’re doing the same things in downtown Vancouver that we’re doing in Prince Rupert that we’re doing in Penticton and we’re not quantifying the mental health issues that are happening.”

MacIntyre speaks on his understanding of how a pandemic spreads and affects population because of his years of working for the centre of disease control.  

“I really do have a deep understanding of how spread models work and I really do think we have gone too far too fast.”

Concerns about people with abusive relationships being home, kids being home instead of at school studying and people losing their jobs due to closures are where Macintyre thinks the shutdowns have hit BC the most. 

“What have we lost and what have we gained… in my mind these interventions are a little bit too strong in Penticton and the anxiety is actually worse.” 

Watch the full interview above, and hear more from MacIntyre and the three others campaigning in Penticton answer the tough questions at the Penticton Herald all-candidates forum Tuesday Oct. 13 at 7p.m., live streamed on Castanet.

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