Meet your candidate: Ted Shumaker for Penticton

Meet your Green candidate

Casey Richardson

Castanet Penticton is conducting a brief "Meet your Candidate" interview with each of the four Penticton riding MLA candidates. Watch for one each morning leading up to the Herald all-candidates forum on Tuesday Oct. 13, live streamed on Castanet. 

Green party candidate Ted Shumaker is a first time politician, but he is letting the people know he’s eager to run.

“When I do go after something, I tend to go after it pretty hard,” Shumaker said.

Shumaker refers to himself as an ‘old guy’, running his campaign at 69-years-old he’s had years of experience, just not in politics. He spent 20 years working for Interior Health as a hospital pharmacist. He came to the Okanagan in 1990, after living in Oliver.  

“I’m a regular kind of guy, not a politician,” he said, but he doesn't believe that will hold him back. 

“I can listen, I’ve proven I can learn… What you have to know is who to go to for the answers, the experts and where to find it. I can do that.” 

He also believes a minority government is better than a majority. 

“They’re forced to cooperate. This last government, NDP Green and the Liberals, were working together so well that we have probably the best COVID response maybe in the world.”

Pushing that a large diverse group of people makes a better decision than a single expert, Shumaker wanted to see the parties continuing to work together. 

“We need to hear that diverse voice from the green.”

Why did he choose to run for the green party?

“Well, NDP didn’t call me. Dan the man is kind of the Liberal guy. And why now? Even I ask myself that. But eventually we have to stand up.”

Shumaker wanted to stand up for his kids and future generations, adding he can’t change climate change by himself.

“All I can do is listen to them and be guided by those experts and we can bring that right down to the local level.”

Watch the full interview above, and hear more Shumaker and the three others campaigning in Penticton answer the tough questions at the Penticton Herald all-candidates forum Tuesday Oct. 13 at 7p.m., live streamed on Castanet.

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