Town of Oliver to hear changes to animal control bylaws in order to successfully incorporate ducks

Duck debate continuing

The Town of Oliver will be continuing their discussion in regards to the allowance of ducks on Monday and whether it will fit the bill. 

The animal control bylaw changes may be able to solve the query, by establishing provisions for the keeping of ducks within the municipality that match the existing provisions for chickens.

Instead of just winging it, the council requested for more information in the July 27 meeting, after a homeowner asked for an allowance for his home. 

Randy Houle, the director of development services presented that information on Aug. 27, reading out a list of domestic duck characteristics, citing Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine experts and notes from an established duck bylaw from the City of Nanaimo.Their fowl bylaws have been successful in implementing provisions with little to no complaints. 

At the end, the council decided to send the idea back to staff to come forward again with a proposed bylaw amendment taking into account all of the council's discussion points.

The Animal Control Bylaw 1224.05 is being introduced with the following provisions; no chickens or ducks are permitted on properties under 500m2, three hens or ducks plus one additional hen or duck for each full 100m2, of lot area greater than 500m2 to a maximum of 10 hens or ducks combined.

Staff suggest the existing guidelines for the number of chickens to be successful, and recommends that the same be applied to ducks in an either/or situation to a maximum of 10 total. 

More detailed provisions are included for the keeping of ducks and chickens within the municipality, which came from the City of Nanaimo. 

As Council grapples with the decision to permit domestic ducks within the Municipality, the options remain for Council to choose to support the recommendation or duck out. Council may also decide to refer back to staff for additional information.

The Town of Oliver will hear full details of the bylaw amendments on Monday. 

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