The Rotary Club of Penticton has shifted their annual lobster fest to a drive thru fundraiser

Drive thru lobster fundraiser

The Penticton Rotary Club is trying to keep their Lobster Feast event alive by opting for a drive thru pick up event, Lobster on the Run. The event runs on August 29, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and is promising to be the “COVID conscious event of the summer.”

“We normally do a lobster feast every year, in the last week of May," said Don Michiel, a Rotary Club of Penticton member.

“We had a meeting with a part of the committee and I said ‘I think we should try doing something like a drive thru.’”

Michiel mentioned another rotary club in Ontario had done a drive thru rib fest and seen success with it, so they decided to move forward with their idea. 

Bogners partnered up with the Rotary Club of Penticton for this event, creating options for the full lobster fresh from the East coast or an option for chicken or plants based means. 

“We’re going to crack the lobsters, so people can dive into them pretty easily. We’re hoping people will be grouping together in their backyard or in the park.” 

The event also will be raising funds for the upcoming community projects.. 

“We’ve got a fairly large commitment to the city to rebuild the water park at Skaha, and we’re sort of on the hook to raise $150,000. With the cancellation of Ribfest and our Lobster Feast, we thought we had to do something to try and raise some funds.”

While it’s been a challenging year with cancellations, the club hopes to keep the spirit of the event alive.

The meals are available to reserve all through August up until the 29. The team plans to have extra lobsters the day of as well, just in case people couldn’t reserve one on time. 

Information and bookings can be found online here, with options to choose your meal, beverages and choose a time slot for a pickup.

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