Penticton security company debuts surveillance tech to spot COVID-19 safety infractions in workplaces

Tech tracks COVID breaches

A Penticton-based security company has launched a new product aimed at surveillance in workplaces specifically tuned to spot COVID-19 safety protocol infractions. 

Local Security says their SafeSpaces platform uses AI monitoring technology to detect sanitization measures, safety compliance, cluster density and social distancing. 

"Cloud-based algorithms are used to analyze the security footage," reads a press release from the company. "Real-time insights are then sent to the safety manager or appropriate authority, enabling them to take immediate preventative action."

They also say the platform can connect to "most existing security cameras" for use in businesses, factories, warehouses, public spaces and more.

The tech is billed as potentially the solution to "opening business doors and keeping them open" during the ongoing pandemic. 

More info can be found here

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