Apex volunteer fire department happy for donation that will help them fight potential forest fires

More water to fight fires

In the midst of a heat wave, the Apex Volunteer Fire Department is especially grateful to get a donation of surplus water tanks that will help keep the area safe from the threat of wildfires. 

Kelly Johnston, Apex deputy chief, said the two 500-gallon portable water tanks donated by Frontline Operations Group are welcome. 

"They essentially store water so we can pump water out of them with portable pumps," Johnston explained, adding they are especially useful to transport water into high-grade areas which are common around Apex.

"These tanks can be used to locate water at higher elevations, and either be refilled by helicopters or be pumped up and relayed between pumps."

He said the donation is especially important as temperatures climb to nearly 40 C, calling the forest "crispy."

"We've noted, especially during COVID-19, that there's a high amount of recreation in our area and we want to just remind everyone to be careful. We don't want any unforeseen wildfires occurring this upcoming weekend," Johnston said. 

Andy Low of Frontline Operations Group said the donation was an easy decision. 

"[Johnston] and the other volunteers at Apex have been working hard to establish their fire rescue service. For us it was a natural fit to donate these firefighting water tanks to Apex.These smaller tanks are well-suited to wildland firefighting applications in steep terrain where you may not have a lot of room to set up a larger tank," Low said.

"The cost to purchase two of these tanks would be upwards of $3,000 and we're hopeful that this donation will help to equip the Apex volunteers with additional wildland firefighting equipment.”

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