Owner of dog that chased a moose into a fence and its ultimate death fined $345

Fined for tragic moose death

The owner of a dog that chased a cow moose to its death has been found and given a $345 ticket.

On Tuesday evening in Naramata, a dog with no known owner chased the female moose down a bank into a wire fence where it became entangled. BC Conservation Officers arrived and cut the animal free, but sadly, it did not survive the night due to stress and injuries. 

CO Mike Stern shared the story with Castanet to raise awareness and ask the public for help identifying the owner of the boxer-type dog. 

Since then, the owner was found, and handed a $345 fine. 

"I'd like to thank your readers that called in and reported information that led us to the owners of the dog," Stern told Castanet Thursday. 

Stern hopes anyone with dogs in populous wildlife-prone areas will think twice before letting their pet off leash, potentially causing another animal to suffer or die. 

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