An unwelcoming note was left on a car with Alberta plates Wednesday morning outside of Penticton's Home Hardware

Nasty note on red plate car

“Alberta go home & stay home. You are not welcome in BC. Shitheads.”

Florence MacArthur and her partner came out of Home Hardware after shopping to find this hostile note left on the car. 

MacArthur herself is a permanent resident of Penticton, and her partner comes out every year from Alberta.

“He actually lives in Alberta, but we spend time together because he helps his son on his farm here. He’s here three or four months,” MacArthur said.

“He said something about reading something in the paper in Revelstoke. They had left a note, somebody scratched a car and [wrote] they don't like Albertans.”

The Revelstoke incident happened back in May, and left MacArthur’s partner feeling worried about coming out to Penticton himself. 

“He was wondering about coming and I said 'Do you know what, [with] Penticton I doubt if anyone here would do that.’” 

MacArthur said it was a shock to come out to the note.

“Here this note was on there and handwritten, just stuck on his windshield wiper.”

MacArthur gave the note to Home Hardware and the RCMP in hopes that they'll look over any surveillance footage and tell the individual to "quit doing that."

“We're a tourist town, we need eventually tourists to come, we don't want to make them feel terrible,” MarArthur said. 

The car had previously been in the garage for about two months, with Tuesday being the first time the two took it out. 

"It just makes me mad too. We're neighbours you know, Alberta and BC, and it doesn't make me feel good to have a note like this on his vehicle."

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