Local Summerland private school gets IB certification

School gets IB certification

The Unisus International School in Summerland has received International Baccalaureate certification for its primary school and diploma programs this year.

The private school, located on a sprawling 17-acre property with state-of-the-art facilities, opened in 2018.  Achieving IB status had been the goal from the start, and they are thrilled to have achieved it. 

"The IB teaches students how to learn instead of what to learn. This approaches the standard of education differently. Paired with the BC Ministry of Education curriculum, it focuses on a holistic approach of student support, through a transdisciplinary framework," the school explained in an information release. 

"It’s truly a student-driven learning model that challenges learners to think independently, with emphasis on personal development. The programme helps students to ask challenging questions, think critically, and develop research skills proven to help them in higher education."

The IB program also encourages a global angle to its classes. Students at Unisus are currently studying Spanish, and starting in September, they will be able to study Mandarin as well. 

"It is felt that by introducing Spanish and Mandarin to students, along with English they should be able to converse with a vast majority of people within the business world," the school explains. 

They add that the academic curriculum is rigorous, making it "the perfect candidate prep" for North America’s top colleges and universities. By completing grades 11 and 12 in an IB diploma program, students will receive standing granted credit to their first year of university.

"The IB recently polled many of the world's leading top universities to comment on a survey of the award of credit and or placement for IB diploma program students heading off to post-secondary in the fall of 2020. Over 98 per cent of admissions officers polled stated their standard policy would hold for IB students and that student admission would not be impacted despite final exams being delayed," the school says. 

For more information on Unisus and its IB programs, click here

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