Princeton woman surprised by discovery behind a mirror in her newly-purchased home

Reno reveals secret in wall

A Princeton woman was surprised and delighted when a renovation on her new home revealed a long-hidden secret. 

Samantha Leigh, her husband and three-year-old daughter moved into their first house this February, and just recently began doing renovations.

"We totally gutted the bathroom and re-did the tub," Leigh said. "And we were just taking down the mirror [Thursday] and there was this big hole in the wall."

At the back of the hole was a drawing on the wall and note from the past: "This house was built by William and Irene Davies 1985. Sold to daughter and son-in-law Maureen Devers and Emil Smith in July 1991."

An accompanying stick-figure drawing shows the whole family. 

"It was this really feel-good feeling. Like wow, this is a real piece of history," Leigh said of discovering the drawing. "It looks like it was written yesterday, it's perfectly preserved, it was so amazing to see."

She posted photos on Facebook, hoping to find family members of those original members. So far, one woman commented that she was a step-sibling who lived in the home, and Leigh is still hoping more family members may come forward to enjoy the photos. 

In the meantime, she plans to continue the tradition with her family's own drawings before they finish their bathroom renovations. 

"We're putting a little note saying who we are, when we bought it, our daughter's name as well and we're going to draw a little stick figure family as well," Leigh said with a laugh. "And it's going to go right back behind the mirror for the next owners to discover it."

She spoke to Castanet in the hope that family members of the original owners might see the article and enjoy a trip down memory lane. 

"If I had written that, 30 years from now, it would be really cool to see it again."

Leigh said anyone with information on the original owners who wants to learn more can reach out to her via her Facebook account, Samantha Leigh.

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