Weekly bagpipe concert replaces funerals at funeral home

Bagpipes to replace funerals

In the time of COVID-19, physical distancing recommendations mean many who have lost loved ones and would normally hold a funeral or celebration of life are unable to. 

That's why Providence Funeral Homes in Penticton decided to hold a weekly bagpipe concert from the Okanagan Youth Pipe Band outside the home, and broadcast live on Facebook, to honour the departed. 

“My grandfather said 'We must grieve the death and memorialize the life. The bagpipes can help accomplish both,'" explained Nolan Adam, Providence Funeral Homes partner. 

"This is a wonderful way to support our community and celebrate those who have died.”

The concert will take place every Friday at 4:30 p.m. for the foreseeable future. 

The Okanagan Youth Pipe Band Society, a non-profit organization, is happy to be involved. 

"One of the functions of a pipe band is to support community events throughout life’s cycle of celebrations.  From a birthday to a funeral you will find a piper or pipe band announcing or memorializing the event through music. The sound of the pipes and drums travelling on the wind evokes strong emotions in those who hear them," said Kim Smith-Jones, band manager. 

While the band will physically be present and playing outside of Providence Funeral Homes on Main Street in Penticton, all involved ask the community to respect physical distancing and isolation guidelines and watch the Facebook live stream from home here

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