No Bunnies For Easter

They may be cute, but they aren’t a good gift.

With Easter just around the corner, some might be considering giving a bunny to a loved one.

Manager of the Penticton SPCA, Tracey Westmoreland, says it's a bad idea.

“We are very cautious this time of year about adopting out rabbits. Just like black cats around Halloween, people might think getting an animal for the holiday is a cute idea. Unfortunately, they don’t always consider what they will do with it after the holiday is over,” says Westmoreland.

She says anyone considering adopting a rabbit should wait until after Easter to do so.

“By waiting until after the holiday, we will be more sure the animal is being adopted for the right reasons. We won't adopt rabbits out for the three days leading up to Easter,” says Westmoreland.

She says a rabbit costs about $550 per year to keep happy and healthy, which doesn't include the adoption fee.

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