New Museum Exhibit

A new art exhibit in Penticton will bring together several groups to celebrate culture.

“Snkwancin: Songs of the Sylix,” is being put together by the Penticton Museum, the Penticton Indian Band, the En’owkin Centre and the Ullus Collective.

The collection of audio, video, art installation and artifacts will be officially opened Friday at 5 pm.

Both mayor Jake Kimberley and Indian Band Chief Stewart Philip will be on hand to open the exhibit, the goal of which is to show the historical importance of song in Aboriginal society.

Museum curator, Peter Ord, says the exhibit will also show the contrasts and similarities between Native and Western culture.

“The goal of the exhibit is to demonstrate how songs, particularly of the ‘personal free expression’ type represent an important form of cultural expression for Syilx youth both traditionally and contemporarily,” says Ord.

The opening will also feature a performance by Native hip-hop group, 7th Generation.

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