Land Donation Saves Tree

The home of Canada’s second largest tree will remain intact.

A 171-foot-tall larch tree lives on a piece of land near Osoyoos. It's just six inches shorter than the country’s largest larch, which grows in Rock Creek.

Property owners Dale and Anita Lehman decided to sell the 60 acres the tree grows on, but wanted to ensure the land would remain untouched by development.

Dale says they decided the only way to guarantee the safety of the tree and the rest of the old-growth forest, would be to donate the land to a conservation group. That is exactly what they did.

He says after two years of effort to get the land removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve and re-classified as a nature reserve, the land now belongs to the Land Conservancy of British Columbia.

Lehman says he is glad he will be able to visit the land in the future with his family.

TLC has named the property ’Lehman Springs,’ and it’s valued at $790,000. Besides being home to the larch tree, it also has 10 artesian springs.

The Lehmans say their donation of land is likely the largest private land donation in B.C.

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