City Hall Getting Taller

Penticton’s City Hall is embracing the idea of densification.

Mayor Jake Kimberley has announced construction will start soon on an expansion of the Main Street building.

“We are going to build an additional 20 storeys on top of the existing building in order to create staff housing. This way, staff won’t have to worry about being late for work, they can just go downstairs,” says Kimberley.

He says city staff will even be able to deduct their rent from their pay cheques.

“It’ll be much easier for all of us, we won’t have to worry about missing our rent or mortgage payments because the cost will be automatically taken out of our salaries,” says Kimberley.

Kimberley says he has already “called dibs” on the top apartment and is looking forward to being able to see the entire city from his balcony and thinks the new digs will better improve his 'mayor-ing' abilities.

He says his deep love of 'bling' has brought about another proposed change to City Hall.

"I'm also considering outlining the whole building with a fine layer of gold paint. That will really make us stand out from other City Halls in the province," says Kimberley.

Work on the bigger, shinier City Hall will begin Monday morning.

(Note: The above story is fictional. Happy April Fool's Day from Castanet!)

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