Free pizza for struggling restaurant workers

Pizza for laid-off workers

Penticton's Corelone's Pizzeria is hoping to pay it forward during the COVID-19 crisis by offering free pizza for restaurant industry workers who may be struggling with a temporary job loss. 

Don Gigliotti, Corleone's owner, came up with the idea after watching his industry struggle this past week. 

Until April 4, he will be offering a free small cheese pizza to anyone who confirms they work in the restaurant business but are temporarily unemployed.

"As long as they phone me and tell me they want one I'll make one for them, they can come and pick it up," Gigliotti said. "As long as I can afford to do it until April 4, I'll do it."

Corleone's has been suffering in recent days, relying on takeout and delivery in compliance with provincial guidelines.

"It is tough, business is down. We're struggling also but we're keeping afloat. I have a couple people working for me and I'm trying to keep them off the unemployment line," Gigliotti explained. 

"There are so many places that have closed down, but we're going to keep going. I'm going to do my part and hopefully help lots of people, but my main thing is two less people unemployed in this city is a big thing."

Corleone's remains open for business, with more information to be found here

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