Penticton librarian reads to kids over internet

Library storytime from home

The City of Penticton closed all public facilities including the Penticton Library this week, but that hasn't stopped a local librarian from bringing literature to kids. 

Tune in to the Penticton Library Facebook page Friday at 10 a.m. for a free live storytime reading with youth services librarian Julia Cox. 

"People are staying home and looking for things to do and I'm sure it's pretty challenging if you have very small people to try and find different activities to keep things busy and fun, so we're just looking to reach out to people and try and be social without being present," Cox explained. 

Storytime at the library is normally twice a week for a half-hour with numerous stories, to work on listening skills and paying attention for the kids. But the online medium is different. 

"We're sort of wondering whether people prefer to have a slightly shorter story time every day I work, Tuesday to Saturday. We're going to put that suggestion out there to see if people want that," Cox said. 

The stories are aimed at the two to five age group, but anyone is welcome to watch and listen. 

Cox says she looks forward to her story sessions in person, and will miss the interaction with the kids. 

"I like how excited they get. Sometimes when they participate, they start guessing what's going to happen, they start making noises with you, sometimes they just get really very focused and creeping closer and closer until their eyes are glued to the book," she said, adding with a laugh: "Heather [chief librarian] has drawn me a little face to look at."

Friday's story will be a "noisy" storytime, a favourite for Cox.

"When we're little, people are always telling us to be quiet so I though on this occasion, we should take the opportunity to be a little loud!" she said. 

"We're very sorry that people can't be in here with us. It's very quiet in here!"

Catch the live stream and follow them for notifications of future storytimes here

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