Penticton's former Elite, Block 300 restaurants replaced by blend of Asian cuisine

New Asian cuisine on Main

The old Elite Restaurant in Penticton's downtown core will be getting a new identity this year after its short-lived tenure as the Block 300 Steakhouse. 

Wild Ginger will be opening sometime this spring on Main Street, offering a blend of Asian cuisines. 

"It will be the best of Asia, some Thailand dishes, some cuisine from Vietnam such as Beef Pho and spring rolls, and maybe about half the stuff will be what North Americans are used to from Chinese food here," said new owner Darcy Wong. "The best of three countries basically, that's what I'm trying to put together." 

Wong purchased the spot from Fred Trainor, who folded the steakhouse after half a year in operation.

Wild Ginger will build on the renovations Trainor made to the interior, with upgrades to the kitchen appliances specific to Asian cuisines and tweaks to the decor. 

"I think Fred did a pretty great job with creating the space already, so we're just adding our own flair to the place," Wong said. 

They will be offering an extensive appetizer and cocktail menu, hoping to entice customers to come in and sit for a bite and a drink, as well as offering takeout options.

Wong does not yet have an official opening date, but is hoping to welcome customers sometime next month. 

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