Penticton author, parent aims to spread healing with new book

Parent shares painful story

Chelsea Powrie

A Penticton parent is urging everyone, young and old, to "find their cape."

It's a metaphor that Mare McHale uses to describe the mental armour she puts on every day. McHale lost her father at 19, was widowed at 33 when her husband committed suicide and is raising a son with special needs as a single parent. 

Now, she has written a book about her journey that she describes as "part memoir, part self improvement," and she hopes her story will help others. 

"I just wanted more people to know that they're not alone," McHale said at her book launch on Saturday. 

"I find that a lot of people look towards the social media highlight reel, and they think that everyone has it together, and they feel like they are alone and the only one's going through stuff and that's simply not the case."

Through her personal stories in the book, she hopes to show others that no matter what bad cards you are dealt, there is a way forward.

"I wrote the book to make sure that more people, and a wider audience, know that," McHale said.

The book is called Finding Your Cape, which McHale says is a metaphor for your inner voice. 

"It can also be seen as a shield. For me, it's something I imagine I'm putting on if I'm going into a business meeting, or when I first started dating again after being a widow, or going into a toxic friendship," McHale explained. 

The book was officially launched on Amazon on Thursday, and it is already a hit, having reached four number one chart spots including Mental Health, and Death and Grief. It also reached number two in new releases. 

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