Photographer captures what looks like a mini volcano on lake

Volcano on Okanagan Lake

As sub-zero temperatures continue to grip the Okanagan, residents are witnessing events they haven't seen in years, if ever.

Denise Egan sent us a photograph of a sailboat that is listing badly and slowly being surrounded by ice as temperatures continue to remain below zero.  
Egan has also taken to Twitter with a video that shows waves crashing through a hole in the ice, which make it look like an icy, Lake Okanagan volcano.

Ice on the lake may be building, but it is still far from freezing over.

Historical records from the Kelowna Public Archives show Okanagan Lake froze over at least eight times over the past 110 years. The most recent being 1986 – but there is some debate over whether or not the lake was completely frozen over that year.

However, historians point to 1968-69 as the last time Okanagan Lake froze completely over.

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