The City of Penticton says snow may delay garbage pickup

Garbage pickup delays

The City of Penticton is advising residents that the accumulation of snow may delay residential garbage and recycling collection. 

Any items that have not been collected by the end of Thursday should be taken off of the street or laneway. 

The city will provide extra collection next week on the regular day if anything has been missed. 

"These are challenging conditions for waste collection,” said community sustainability coordinator David Kassian.

“With safety at the forefront of operations, some areas may experience delayed or missed garbage and recycling collection this week.”

The city has a list of tips for how to place carts during snow events:

Tips for placing out carts during snow events:

  • Find or clear an unobstructed spot to locate your carts.
  • Consider placing one cart on either side of your driveway after it’s been cleared of snow.
  • Make sure carts are one meter or three feet away from any obstacles.
  • Please do not place any carts behind or on top of snow banks.
  • Clear the lids of your carts of ice and snow to allow the contents to fall freely when the cart is tipped. 

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