Baby osprey ends in tragedy

Watchers of the popular osprey nest live camera in Osoyoos have had a heartbreaking journey watching a single baby struggle to live, ending tragically Thursday evening when it fell out of the nest. 

The Town of Osoyoos runs the camera, mounted atop a deactivated telephone pole above a nest, with help from FortisBC. They have disabled the camera as of Friday morning. 

Castanet reported the pair of adult ospreys as having trouble since the spring, first kicking two dud eggs out of the nest, then when a second pair hatched, losing one of the chicks almost immediately. 

The final chick, born July 5, appeared to also struggle and wasn't growing at the fast rate expected. Dale Belvedere, SORCO manager, confirmed it fell from the nest, and said she suspects something fundamental was wrong with the situation from the start.

"There's obviously something wrong with those parents and the location of that nest," Belvedere explained. "Normally the mum would sit with that baby constantly and dad would bring the food, but she left the nest for hours."

She has also asked the town to contact Fortis to remove that nest in the fall, and potentially install the camera at another, more ideally located nest. 

"It's not in a good location. They have numerous nests in Osoyoos, so it's not a lack of that. If they wanted to put it somewhere safer they could, so that's what they are looking into," Belvedere said. 

The baby bird had gathered a small following in a special Facebook group dedicated to watching the nest, who were devastated Thursday evening when the chick wandered to the edge of the nest and disappeared from view. They had been noting for weeks that the mother did not appear to be feeding the baby as well as expected. 

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