Birds boot eggs out of nest

Chelsea Powrie

The osprey family on 24/7 live video feed in Osoyoos caused alarm for some watchers this week when a newly-laid egg was kicked to the side Wednesday, caught in an outer branch of the nest and abandoned. 

It's not good news for fans of the birds. Dale Belvedere of SORCO, the South Okanagan's rehabilitation centre for birds of prey, says it could mean the couple won't have any babies this year. 

"They lay only two to three eggs," Belvedere said. "The only reason I'm aware of why they would do that is if the egg wasn't viable."

On Wednesday evening, a new egg was laid, which keen viewers may have spotted when the mother osprey briefly stood up to show off her newest delivery. Unfortunately, this one also seemed to have been a dud. 

Thursday morning, one of the birds suddenly kicked the new egg backwards out of the nest, in the same direction of the first egg, which is still stuck in the twigs on the edge of the nest. This time, the egg made it out of the nest, and presumably fell to the pavement below. 

"My best guess is the eggs were dead already," Belvedere said. 

She said the age of the birds could influence their fertility and ability to produce viable eggs. 

Based on the birth dates of the previous two eggs, Belvedere estimates if the female osprey has another egg in her, it will arrive soon. 

"Saturday or Sunday we should see another egg," Belvedere said, adding that within hours of laying the egg the birds will be able to tell whether the egg is alive. 

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