Students can 'Get to Work'

For the first time, School District 67 is attempting to streamline summer job searching for its students by launching their "Get to Work" campaign. 

The new Careers 67 website will allow students to check out their employment options in a one-stop-shop format. 

"It's essentially to help students find some great summer jobs. We're looking to create a system that uses a little bit of technology to help students find all the jobs that are located both in Penticton and Summerland," said Trevor Knowlton, SD67 careers and apprenticeship coordinator. 

"And, on the flip side, we're intending it to help local businesses to submit job postings for students they may be looking for this summer."

It's about making the hiring process easier for both students and employers, and helping more students find jobs that fit their interests. 

"It's giving them some opportunities to see jobs they may not have known before. A lot of times students think about job postings for summer that are the classic tourist-type opportunities," Knowlton said. "So we're just trying to open opportunities up a bit more."

Posters have been distributed to all SD67 schools with QR codes students can scan on their phones and instantly see an updated list of job postings available. 

"They'll be taken immediately to the website, it outlines all the postings for Penticton and Summerland," Knowlton explained.  "And it has information in terms of videos for information on resumes, job interviews, right on their phones right there to make it easier for them."

Businesses in Penticton and Summerland are encouraged to reach out if they have job postings they think would be ideal for a summer student. Knowlton said they can fill out an employer form by clicking the "Get To Work" logo on the website here

"This is a huge step forward in being able to streamline that process of getting more students out there," Knowlton said. "And at the same time, helping some of those local employers that have been helping us with work experience and apprenticeship programs."

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