Teneycke sends victim letter

After Ronald Teneycke was locked up indefinitely last year with a dangerous offender label, Wayne Belleville stood on the back steps of the Penticton courthouse and told reporters he looked forward to “never hearing his name again.”

But a few weeks before Christmas, Teneycke’s name landed on Belleville's doorstep in the form of a letter from the infamous criminal now locked up in a federal maximum security prison in Agassiz.

Disturbed immediately when he saw Teneycke’s name on the envelope he initially intended to never read the letter, but reconsidered days later.

“I thought well, if there is some sort of implied threat to my family I want to be made aware of it first hand,” he said.

Teneycke shot Belleville in the back during a criminal rampage through the South Okanagan in 2015 that also included an armed grocery store in Oliver. Belleville had accidentally picked Teneycke up hitchhiking while he was being hunted by police across the region for the robbery.

As a part of sentencing for the crimes for which he received a dangerous offender label and indefinite jail term, Teneycke had a no-contact order with Belleville.

“It was very disturbing,” Belleville described the contents of the letter. “I was pretty emotional and upset afterwards honestly.”

“It's really hard to say exactly what he was trying to get across, but he’s a sociopath and effectively blamed me — it was my fault that I got shot.”

“He said three years later he feels no empathy for me,” Belleville said, adding Teneycke signed the letter “Merry Christmas, your unknown Ron.”

Belleville called the RCMP, local Crown prosecutor's office and prison Teneycke is housed at looking for answers about how the man who shot him is able to harass him from a maximum-security prison.

“How is it that someone in a federal penitentiary can commit a criminal offence right under your nose. How is this even possible?” Belleville asked.

“There is obviously no monitoring there whatsoever, I can only draw that conclusion.”

Castanet News has reached out to Corrections Canada but has not received a response.

On Thursday, a new charge of failing to comply with a non-communication order was sworn against Teneycke in relation to the letter, and Belleville says the Crown prosecutors are looking into how the letter wasn’t caught.

“His name is on it, my name is on it. Surely it isn’t that big of a task to look at his mail as it goes out and look at who it's addressed to,” Belleville said, noting the list of names on Teneycke’s no-contact list “can’t be that long.”

“Regardless of what was in the letter, the implied threat or implication is, I’m thinking about you and I know where you live,” Belleville. “That in itself is disturbing.”

Prior to shooting Belleville, Teneycke had 37 previous convictions for offences including sexual assault with a weapon, forcible confinement and uttering threats, in connection to the rape of an Okanagan teenager in 1993.

He was out on an intermittent sentence when he robbed the gas station and shot  Belleville.

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