Dog Missing After Car Crash

They call her a furry angel and now a Surrey couple is offering $1,000 for her safe return.

Jasmine and Tim Meger of Surrey are asking for the public's help in finding their lost dog, a three-year-old Doberman named Billie. Billie went missing last Friday night following a car crash near Princeton.

"My husband and the dog were driving up to New Brunswick around 10 pm when the accident happened. The van ended up on it's roof just past Friday Creek. It is a miracle my husband wasn't seriously hurt," says Meger.

She says they believe Billie was thrown out of the van.

"I think she crashed out as the truck was flipping. When the van came to final stop, it was upside down and my husband was held upright by his seatbelt. He got out and looked for the dog, but she was nowhere to be found," says Meger.

She says Billie is a reddish-brown, pure-bred Doberman female with a friendly disposition.

"She's registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, she has a tattoo on her right flank. The number is PFE1N. I'm very worried she might need medical attention after the crash," says Meger.

She says they believe the accident was caused by a U-Haul trailer Tim was pulling behind the van, which may not have been connected properly.

Meger says she and her husband are coming back to Princeton this weekend to search for Billie.

If anyone finds Billie, they are asked to call Jasmine at 604-727-6747.

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