RCMP Acted Appropriately

Penticton RCMP say they acted appropriately.

A Penticton man has gone to the media, claiming he was roughed up by the cops nearly a week ago.

Jedd Laduer claims he was injured by aggressive police officers after he entered a neighbour's property to scare off a group of men trying to break into a shed.

He claims he ran the alleged robbers out the back door just as the RCMP came through the front door.

Laduer says he was tackled by the two officers and has suffered internal injuries, a partially dislocated hip, some cuts and a bump to his head.

However, RCMP Corporal Rick Dellebuur says Laduer's claim isn't accurate.

“We spoke with the property owner and a witness, there is no indication anyone else was involved. They entered the garage and found a lone, intoxicated male. He approached the officers with clenched fists and a threatening manner. He was not responding to the officers' commands that he was under arrest. He was pushed to the ground and arrested,” says Dellebuur.

He says officers did what they had to, and that Laduer was drunk at the time.

Dellebuur says Laduer hasn't made any sort of official complaint with the RCMP.

“The first I heard of this was Wednesday afternoon, five days after it happened, when the press started talking about it. It seems he is trying to try it through the media, but he hasn't even come in to see us about it,” says Dellebuur.

He says Laduer is welcome to come and talk to the RCMP about the incident.

Dellebuur says Laduer was released on Saturday morning with no charges being laid against him.

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