New Density Bylaw

Penticton city council wants developers to go higher.

City council has voted on a new bylaw which could allow developers to exceed current density restrictions, if they pay a fee to the city.

A new reserve fund, called the amenity contribution capital reserve fund, has been created to help pay for things such as park and community centre improvements with the money from developers.

City planner, Donna Butler, says this plan will help encourage high-density growth.

Councilor Gary Litke says Penticton is expected to have an annual two percent growth rate and this new plan will help control that growth.

"We can't close the gates of development. But we can control where that growth happens and we can make sure the community benefits from the development," says Litke.

Councilor Joanne Grimaldi says this is a good move for the city.

"I don't feel we are reducing the quality of life by selling a little air space or density to a developer. We are allowing more people to move here and enjoy our city," says Grimaldi.

The new bylaw will be considered for adoption at the November 20 council meeting.

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