Fire Protection Plan

Penticton's fire chief wants the city to be prepared.

During Monday's city council meeting, Fire Chief Wayne Williams and contractor Richard Swanson presented a new Community Fire Protection Plan.

Swanson says it is in a person's best interest to keep their yards clear of fire fuel such as excessive pine needles.

"If you own the fuel you own the fire. If a fire starts in your yard and spreads to other properties, you could be held liable for any damages," says Swanson.

Williams says the city was given grant money by the Provincial Government to create a protection plan.

"This came about after the fires of 2003 when the Provincial Government decided that local governments are responsible for making sure their communities are prepared for wide-spread fires. A contractor was hired to go through the city and look at our different areas, then report back to us on which areas are at risk," says Williams.

He says Swanson has complied a list of suggestions to keep Penticton safe.

"Fuel modifications, cleaning up some areas and public education to people who live in higher risk areas are some of the suggestions," says Williams.

Williams says they will be taking Swanson's recommendations and looking into having them in place by next spring.

He hopes to have the full report and list of recommendations available to the public online before too long.

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